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The Tax Clinic has quickly emerged as a leader in income tax preparation and payroll services for individual clients and small businesses. Our goal is to provide professional, accurate, and fast tax service while rendering the best customer service possible. We accomplish this goal time and time again by staying informed of the latest IRS laws and regulations and by treating every client as our #1 client.

Our staff receives annual training from the Internal Revenue Service to keep current with changing tax laws. Most of our staff are former H&R Block Employees and IRS Enrolled Agents now eager to use their many years of experience to ensure you receive the best tax return and payroll services possible.

The Tax Clinic

Our Approach to Tax Preparation

At The Tax Clinic, we believe in providing personalized tax preparation consulting services to help our clients navigate the complex world of taxes. Our team of experienced professionals takes the time to understand your unique financial situation, ensuring that we provide the most accurate and efficient tax preparation possible.

The Tax Clinic
The Tax Clinic

Services Offered

We offer a wide range of tax preparation consulting services to cater to the diverse needs of our clients. Some of our key services include:

  • Individual Tax Preparation

  • Business Tax Preparation

  • Tax Planning and Consulting

  • IRS Representation

  • State and Local Tax Services

The Tax Clinic

Tax Preparation Process

Our tax preparation consulting process is designed to ensure that you receive the best possible service. Here's how it works:

  • 1 Initial Consultation: We begin by discussing your financial situation and understanding your unique needs.
  • 2 Documentation and Information Gathering: Our team collects all the necessary documents and information required for your tax return.
  • 3 Tax Preparation: Our experts analyze your financial data and prepare your tax return, ensuring maximum deductions and minimal liabilities.
  • 4 Review and Approval: We review the prepared return with you, making any necessary adjustments, before finalizing it.
  • 5 Filing and Follow-up: Once your return is approved, we file it on your behalf and keep you updated on its status.
The Tax Clinic

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If you're looking for expert tax preparation consulting services, The Tax Clinic is here to help. Schedule an appointment and discover how we can help you achieve your financial goals.


Here's what business owners are saying about the Tax Clinic Payroll System: The Tax Clinic payroll system has saved me time and money and it's simple to use"
Mrs. Rosie Farr, Owner
R&J Daycare Learning Center, Inc., Helena, AR

"The Tax Clinic payroll system is easy and convenient"
- Mrs. Ann Foreman, Owner
Crystal, Randy, Kelsey, Terrance Learning Center, Marianna, AR

"I like the fact that I learned payroll without going to a class and I especially like how fast a The Tax Clinic representative came to my place of business when I needed help on payday"
- Mrs. Ruby Williams, Owner
Ruby’s Daycare # 1 and #2, Memphis, TN

"The Tax Clinic payroll system has helped me become more organized; it has helped me understand my tax responsibility. Now my business is legit with the State and Federal government"
- Mrs. Stephanie Foreman, Owner
Delta Benefits Plus Insurance Services, Marianna, AR

"We depend on Ms. Pickett and The Tax Clinic to take care of all our bookkeeping and payroll needs. There is no way we could run our business without their services."
- Mrs. Brenda Palmer, Owner
Majestic Liquor Store, LLC, Marianna, AR

"The Tax Clinic Payroll System has help me organized my business by allowing me to manage my payroll taxes and filings. It's great"
- Mrs. Terrilyn Chambers, Owner
Family Day Home, Memphis, TN

"The Tax Clinic Payroll System helps me pay my payroll taxes on-time and avoid IRS penalties and interest….and its easy use"
- Ms. Jacquelyn Mills, President
R&J Preschool Kids First, Inc., Helena, AR

"The Tax Clinic Payroll System is a tremendous asset to our company. Since acquiring their services our payroll has been accurate and efficient. The staff at The Tax Clinic is always on hand to assist with any questions and or concerns. We are very pleased.
- Mrs. Carshina Vincent, Owner
Language Connections, Inc., Jonesboro, AR